IAU GA XXVII – First Announcement: Progress in understanding the physics of Ap and related stars

Dear Colleagues,

This is a First Announcement of the Joint Discussion:

Progress in understanding the physics of Ap and related stars

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 3-5 August 2009

Key words

Stellar: pulsations, convection, rotation, diffusion and magnetism.


Chemically Peculiar (CP) stars are stage to a diversity of physical phenomena, such as pulsations, convection, rotation, accretion, diffusion or magnetism. As a consequence, they offer unique and colorful laboratory for examining and studying these phenomena simultaneously, competitively and in parallel, ultimately enriching the whole gamut of stellar physics.

During this Joint Discussion many new results from high-quality data of CP stars and sophisticated theoretical models will be presented. The techniques used to infer the data, and the ingredients of the models with which the data is compared will be discussed. Future challenges, expected in the context of new ground-based instrumentation, and of space missions recently launched or in preparation, will give the final tone to the Joint Discussion.

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Margarida Cunha (Portugal)
  • Natalia Drake (Russia)
  • Mike Dworetsky (UK)
  • Oleg Kochukhov (Sweden)
  • Friedrich Kupka (Germany)
  • Francis Leblanc (Canada)
  • Lyudmila Mashonkina (Russia)
  • Richard Monier (France)
  • Ernst Paunzen (Austria)
  • Nikolai Piskunov (Sweden)
  • Hiromoto Shibahashi (Japan)
  • Barry Smalley (UK)
  • Werner Weiss (Austria)
  • Jozef Ziznovsky (Slovakia)

The Joint Discussion will take place during the XXVII IAU General Assembly and is organized by the IAU Working Group on Ap and Related Stars and coordinated by IAU Division IV, Stars. With the participation of Division V (Variable Stars) and Commissions 14 (Atomic and Molecular Data), 27 (Variable Stars), 29 (Stellar Spectra), 35 (Stellar Constitution) and 36 (Theory of Stellar Atmospheres).

Invited Speakers

  • Saul Aldman (The Citadel, USA)
  • John Lanstreet (University of Western Ontario, Canada)
  • Lyudmila Mashonkina (Institute of Astronomy, Moscow, Russia)
  • Jaymie Matthews (University of British Columbia, Canada)
  • Georges Michaud (Universite de Montreal, Canada)
  • David Moss (tbc) (University of Manchester, UK)
  • Tanya Ryabchikova (Institute of Astronomy, Moscow, Russia)
  • Denis Shulyak (University of Vienna, Austria)
  • Gregg Wade (Royal Military College of Canada)
  • Werner Weiss (University of Vienna , Austria)
  • Jean-Paul Zahn (Observatoire Paris, France)

Scientific Programme

The meeting will be organized in three sessions, each including invited talks, oral Contributions and a discussion.

Session 1 – Pushing the limit of instrument capabilities

Session 2 – A 3-D look into the atmosphere?

Session 3 – CP and related phenomena in the context of Stellar Evolution

For the detailed scientific programme and additional information on this Joint Discussion, please have a look at the Joint Discussion page

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Best regards,

Margarida Cunha