Triennial Report and next Triennium

The triennial report of the IAU Working Group on Ap & Related Stars has been prepared by the Organising Committee members. The report can now be found on the IAU webpage:

In accordance with the IAU rules, IAU Working Groups need to be reestablished at each General Assembly, with a new Organising Committee put in place for the forthcoming triennium. Accordingly, a request has been submitted to the IAU for extension of the Working Group on Ap & Related Stars (ApWG) for the 2024-27 triennium. As part of this request, we now need to appoint members of the Organising Committee.

The long serving members, Gautier Mathys (past chair), Oleg Kochukhov and Ernst Paunzen will be leaving the Organising Committee. We thank them for all their contributions over the years and wish them well. The other Committee members will continue to serve for the next triennium. We will need to elect new Committee members. I would like to encourage all eligible interested members of the Working Group to apply and contribute to our activities. A formal email will soon be sent to all Working Group members detailing the process.

If you are an IAU member, but not a member of the Working Group, please send me ( an email if you wish to become a member of the ApWG and take part in this process.

Best wishes,
Barry Smalley
Chair, IAU Working Group on Ap & Related Stars