Meeting of the WG on Ap & Related Stars at the 29th IAU General Assembly

I am pleased to invite you to attend the meeting of the Working Group on Ap & Related Stars that will take place in the framework of the forthcoming 29th IAU General Assembly in Honolulu. The meeting is scheduled on Tuesday, August 11, from 14:00 to 18:00, in Room 313B at the Hawaii Convention Center.

The programme of the meeting includes:

  1. Review of the achievements of the WG
  2. Discussion on the future of the WG
  3. Scientific presentations

The issue of the continued existence of the WG beyond this General Assembly is very important (see separate announcement for details), and we should devote enough time to its discussion. However, the largest part of the meeting should be dedicated to informal presentations of recent scientific results in the field of Ap & Related Stars. If you would like to make such a presentation, drop me (gmathys AT an email with a title, an abstract, and an estimate of the time that you would need for that presentation. (However, the time that will actually be allocated may be different, depending on the number of presentations to be accommodated in the session.)

I would like to encourage all those of you who will attend the General Assembly to participate in the WG meeting and to give a scientific presentation at that meeting. Presentation of results that were obtained too recently for submission to one of the formal sessions of the General Assembly would be particularly welcome.

If you have suggestions for items to be added to the programme of the meeting, also let me know.

All proposals (both for presentations and for possible additions to the programme of the meeting) received by July 3 will be fully considered; it may or not be possible to accommodate later input.

Please spread the information about this meeting around you, and invite any colleague who may be interested to attend it, even if he/she is not formally a member of the WG.

I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Hawaii.

Gautier Mathys
Chair, WG on Ap & Related Stars