Magnetic Fields of Chemically Peculiar and Related Stars 2022

Special Astrophysical Observatory, August 22-27 2022
Nizhnii Arkhyz, Karachaeco-Cherkessia Republic, Russia

Studies of stellar magnetism by measuring the Zeeman splitting of spectral lines is one of the most important observational strategies on the 6-m telescope. The staff of the Laboratory for the Stellar Magnetism Study created unique polarization devises for observations and is carrying out spectropolarimatric programs on the 6-m telescope for more than 40 years. The Special Astrophysical Observatory is one of the world’s leading centers for stellar magnetism research.

Traditionally, every 3-4 years the our observatory organizes conferences on magnetic stars and invites worlds leading experts to take part in them.

To discuss the current state of the problem and the nearest prospects, the Special Astrophysical Observatory invites stellar astrophysicists from around the world to take part in our traditional conference, which will be held at August 22-27, 2022.

The event will be held at the Special Astrophysical Observatory in the village of Nizhnii Arkhyz of the Krachaevo-Cherkess Republic of Russia, not far from the installation site of the 6-m telescope.


Gautier Mathys
Zdenek Mikulasek
Nikolai Piskunov
Iosif Romanyuk (chair)
Tatiana Ryabchikova
Dmitry Sokoloff
Gennady Valyavin
Gregg Wade
Werner Weiss