Letter from the Editor

Dear subscribers to A peculiar Newsletter (ApN),

By now you all probably have seen the message from the Chair of the IAU Working Group on Ap & Related Stars, Gautier Mathys, about the revival of the newsletter and maybe you have even visited the new webpage.

I would like to now take the opportunity to personally welcome you all and introduce the new current version of the newsletter, and the layout of the new webpage.

NEWS: Everything that appears on the web site is always circulated to the community via email and vice versa.

PUBLICATIONS: Publications are taken from ADS. The main criterium in the search is that the article has a keyword ‘chemically peculiar‘, ‘Herbig‘, or ‘stars magnetic field‘ though some fine tuning parameters are also used. The list will be updated quarterly.

CONFERENCES: This section only lists announcements related to relevant meetings.

SUBSCRIBE: We have used the old mailing list as a starting point. In case you know people who might be interested in receiving the newsletter also as an email, please encourage them to subscribe. In case you no longer wish to get these emails, please un-subscribe.

I would like to encourage all members of the community to contribute actively to the newsletter. Pictures related to the announcements, news etc. are most welcome as long as there are no copyright issues.

Silva Järvinen
Editor of A peculiar Newsletter