Election of new members of the Organising Committee of the Working Group on Ap & Related Stars


Following the approval at the IAU General Assembly in August of the new Division structure proposed by the Executive Committee, the Commission and Working Group structure within each Division will be reviewed in the coming triennium. During this transition period until the 2015 General Assembly, the existing Commissions and Working Groups continue as they were defined so far. This applies in particular to our Working Group on Ap & Related Stars, which is now a WG of Division G, Stars and Stellar Physics. The latter results from the merger of former Divisions IV (Stars) and V (Variable Stars).

The following members of the WG OC have completed their term in 2012:

Francis LeBlanc (Canada)
Nikolai Piskunov (Russia)
Josef Ziznovsky (Slovakia)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank them again for their contribution to our WG.

The OC counts nine on-going members for the triennium 2012-2015:

Margarida Cunha (Portugal)
Mike Dworetsky (UK)
Oleg Kochukhov (Sweden)
Friedrich Kupka (Austria)
Gauthier Mathys (Chile)
Richard Monier (France)
Ernst Pausen (Austria)
Olga Pintado (Argentina)
Hiromoto Shibahashi (Japan)

To reach the full complement of twelve OC members, three new members must be elected, from the following list of candidates:

Victoria Antoci (Denmark)
Saul Adelman (USA)
Elizabeth Griffin (Canada)
Victor Khalack (Canada)
Jaymie Matthews (Canada)
Iosif Romanyuk (Russia)
Hideyuki Saio (Japan)
Denis Shulyak (Germany)

As already announced, considering the small number of WG members who were able to attend the IAU General Assembly in Beijing, election of the three new members of the OC will take place by email, according to the following procedure:

(1) Please send your votes as soon as possible by e-mail to Gautier Mathys (gmathys@eso.org).

(2) The e-mail message must in the subject line include the string: “Ap WG OC election 2012”.

(3) The maximum number of names is 3 (three).

(4) Each name will be counted only once.

(5) Each person can vote only once (i.e., if you have sent one vote with fewer than 3 names, you cannot send a second one with additional names; changes of previously cast votes are not possible).

(6) The message must bear the sender’s name. Votes received from people evidently not related to the scope of the WG on Ap & Related Stars will be discarded.

(7) Messages containing any further remarks are considered invalid votes.

(8) Votes arriving after 12:00 UT on November 6, 2012 will not be counted.

(9) The OC will select its Chair among its members.

(10) The results of the vote will be announced in “A Peculiar Newsletter”.

Voters are reminded of the importance of maintaining a broad geographical distribution and gender balance on the OC.